Reception Showcased Union’s Youngest Artists

Most gallery receptions are rather reserved events. The artists and their guests, being adults, discuss art, their lives and the usual stuff of adult conversation. But Saturday’s reception was all about the young artists, their delight in making art, pride it having it shown in a “real” gallery, and showing it off to their friends and family.


Of course, all of this would not be possible without the tireless efforts of their teacher, Leslie Jenkins, who has been curating these shows for many years and teaching art to the young artists for 19 years! In this era where art programs are not valued highly she is truly a living example of what a good teacher can do. The smiles and squeals of the students, their pride in having accomplished something of value, their ability to master materials and techniques, show that art in the classroom is a character building necessity.

We salute Leslie for all her efforts to turn our gallery into a delightful space and for her dedication to teaching art to a new generation. We look forward to her return next year.

Leslie Jenkins on left with student and mother

Reception for Union’s Youngest Artists

Join us tomorrow, Sat 5 from 12 – 2 to celebrate the artistic endeavors of Union’s youngest artists. Many of them will be there and will be delighted to talk about their artwork. Also, this is a chance to meet Leslie Jenkins, their teacher and currator of this “installation”.