Meet Rosanne Potter – artist of our current exhibit

It was a delight to view the entire body of work last Thursday at Rosanne Potter’s reception. I had seen only a few pieces digitally that I was using for this website. But four walls of abstract color elicited a wow from me (and other visitors as well). You have to see these in person to appreciate the depth and breath of this artist’s work.

Rosanne states, “I start with a blank canvas and paint, without a plan and using whatever medium comes to hand from pastel chalks to watercolors, India inks to ecaustic waxes, acrylics to oils; I begin to lay color on and move paint around until something begins to emerge.” Indeed what beauty does emerge!

This gallery has had some colorful exhibits but none as vibrant as Rosanne’s. Here is another quote from her artist statement that I particularly liked: “I like to leave viewers to make what they will of my works and hope that coming back to a painting, they will find that it means something different on new viewings. This to me is the great value of Abstract Expresionism – it leaves an image in the mind of the viewer rather than simply lining up the palm tree in the painting with the palm tree in the mind.”

It was also inspirational to look through her book, “Key West, Transit of Venus” as I also write poetry. In this glossy, high quality book, she combines her poetry with her paintings to a smashing success.

Here is a peek into the inside

If you like abstract art or just want to experience something different, then don’t miss this exhibit! I’ll leave you with one more quote:

“Though these paintings started with me, the images may end within you.”

                                                       “Painting with Words” – Leona M Seufert


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