“Dancing in the Key of Life”

Our current exhibit’s artist is a multitalented individual. Over the course of twenty-eight years Mansa K Mussa has performed on concert stages with a number of West African dance companies including the legendary International Afrikaan-American Ballet. He has also taught dance for the Alvin Ailey Arts in Education Program, the Dance Theater of Harlem, Jersey City State Collage, and Arts Horizons. In March of this year he currated our group exhibit “This Music We Call Jazz: Giant Steps

This solo exhibit solo presents a collection of color digital photographs, collages, and shadow boxes expounding on the many facets of the dance universe. He says, in his artist statement, “Their acts of daring embody the forces of nature, and we see in their divine forms fire and water, earth and sky, power and passion. We also find personified in their figure’s elements that emulate the sacred and the secular, the proud and the profane, the sanctified solo, the daring duo, and the soaring ensemble. Like the forces of nature they have the power to alter time, to release light and energy, to suspend motion and to redefine space.

I see in these images the power to invoke a spirit of dance that transcends the stage and the surface of the paper. I hope these images exemplify the liberating act of creating art, the emancipating act of creating dance, and the redemptive act of documenting the human condition.”

Come to the reception Thursday, August 9, 6:00 – 8:00 PM to not only view this fascinating exhibit but to also meet the artist and dance aficionado behind the works. You won’t be disappointed.

  “Painting With Words” – Leona M Seufert


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