Meet Photographer Michael F. McKenna

Our current exhibit, “Photogenic New Jersey” by Michael F. McKenna presents delightful, unusual takes on everyday environments. Here is what the artist has to say about his photography:

“If my photography has an objective it’s this: acquire the rarely appreciated environments we are surrounded by everyday, but are too busy to enjoy and treasure. Whether it is a series of antique train station lamps, two men silhouetted in a foggy station, or a series of trees set in the fog. Whatever the location or subject matter, I hope these images conjure up unanticipated feelings in the observer.

I usually shoot in black & white, my prints are on metallic paper, as I believe both of these elements add depth, detail and a more dramatic effect. This dramatic effect seems to grab the casual observer by jumping out at them and drawing them into the image. My goal is to stimulate the viewer so they study the image more closely and observe the smaller details.” 

Meet Michael F. McKenna on Sat June 8, 1-3pm.

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