Michael F. McKenna, More About His Exhibit

Michael F. McKenna is a photographer who knows how to capture the soul of his subjects. A number of prints in the exhibit are of Seaside Heights before hurricane Sandy demolished the boardwalk and the iconic rides. “Steel Coaster” steel coasterportrays the infamous roller coaster from an angle that reveals all of its terrifying glory.

On the other hand, McKenna has captured the quiet side of this shore area in his “Seaside Lifeboat” image.

seaside lifeboat

McKenna prints most of his photographs on aluminum paper. At first glance the image looks just like a paper printed photograph. However, as you move around, as your angle and the light changes, a luminous quality reveals itself quite suddenly. It punches up the impact of the image and in some cases, like with clouds, provides an almost 3D effect.

Even though most of the images are in black and white, a few color ones are interspersed throughout the exhibit. For these photographs, it is a judicious inclusion, appropriate to subject matter like “Deer Leap” deer leap
where color adds to the composition enhancing the beauty of the subject.

Stop into the gallery and enjoy some time perusing this beautiful exhibit. You’ll find yourself drawn into a familiar world with unfamiliar angles. A great way to spend a summer afternoon!