Meet photographer Rosemarie Hampp August 14, 6 – 8 pm

Hurricane Sandy left in its wake devastation and heartbreak. But to an artist’s eye there is also beauty in all the twisted metal and splintered wood. Rosemarie Hampp, whose exhibit “Superstorm Sandy: An Artist’s View” is now on display in the Malamut Art Gallery, captured this beauty through the lens of her camera. 


“Split in Half” Avon-by-the-Sea

Broken homes and demolished boardwalks, streets piled with sand or canoes cracked and buried, are all splendidly captured and then printed on metallic paper. Viewing the 43 photos that comprise this exhibit is like taking a walk back through that heartbreak time. Today a lot has been rebuilt, this is not a journalist’s exhibit, but an artist’s sharing of subject matter close to her heart.

Rosemarie Hampp lives in Plainfield but has a condo in Asbury not far from the ocean. As she shares with Mark Di Ionno, Star-Ledger columnist in his article The Storm In Pictures:Art Galleries Display Photos From Sandy‘I was on the beach the day before the storm taking photographs as the ocean was churning,’ she said. ‘Some of those pictures show how close the structures are to the waves, like a foreshadowing of the future.’ ”

“Before the storm, Hampp concentrated on landscapes. But the aftermath of Sandy, when the days and months of peaceful seas and skies were serene backdrops to the on-shore destruction, drew Hampp in. ‘That was fascinating to me; even with all that destruction, there was beauty there,’ she said. ‘That shows optimism, that we’re finding our way back,’ she said. ‘It seems that terrible tragedies show us how resilient we are.’ ”

So don’t miss a chance to view not only a wonderful exhibit but to meet the artist behind these unique photographs. Hampp will also be showing a slide presentation of her work. You will leave seeing the aftermath of hurricane Sandy in a totally different light!

      “Painting With Words” – Leona M Seufert


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