Painting With Passion – Meet Dave Cubie

His canvases take over the gallery. Huge, colorful paintings, they make a bold statement about his inner world. This is what he says about himself in relation to the act of painting:

“I love painting. Paint is fabulously plastic and malleable to the imagination. I have been painting steadily for 28 years. I love experimenting within its parameters and I don’t care what is or isn’t popular. I don’t care about having a style or repeating myself in order to have a marketable product. At this point painting is integral to what I am. It started with drawing in childhood and blossomed into a full blown obsession in early adulthood. It metastasized and spread throughout my system, it is in my veins, my nerve endings, my synapses, my body chemistry; it is my pleasure and my pain. Painting is a symbiote, a strange rider I cannot escape.” 



No pretense here. No artist ego, just a gut felt truth, a passion that pulses in his veins. You can see the experimental side in paintings such as “Easy”,



the imagination part in “Guardian” 

no-name and the love of paint in the not named one and Blue Spatter.

Blue Spatter

Blue Spatter

His “Say What?” at 68” x 96” takes over the entire end wall of the gallery – a statement that the artist is not afraid of “putting it out there” for all to see.Say what?

Images on this website can’t do these justice. You have to see them up close to appreciate what Dave has achieved.  And also go close and look at the paint strokes themselves. Surprises abound on the micro level. So during the terribly dull cold days of this winter I’d recommend you stop down and be surrounded by color…your spirits will definitely be lifted!

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