A Diversity of Human Parts

“Arms, Legs and Hands” captures the diversity of human limbs but is more than a realistic exhibit of body parts. Looking at the various combinations that photographer Sherman Feller captured through his lens you can also view the images as abstractions. Entwined legs create patterns, hands are craggy surface formations, bare arms show the diversity of the human body.


This image captures not only the people’s arms, but the colorful patterns of their clothes and the environment adds to the abstract impact of the composition.


A delightful impromptu capture of a child’s delight in what are obviously the hands and feet of family and/or friends.


Tightly interlaced, these elbows and hands are like a weaving. You have to look for quite a while to discover what belongs to whom!

There are more photographs to explore, so stop down to the gallery and spend some time viewing these delightful compositions.