“Union’s Youngest Artists” Create An “Art Cave”


On Sat May 10 I stepped into a world of wonder when I visited the gallery for Leslie Jenkins’ reception for the “Union’s Youngest Artists” exhibit. Every square inch of the gallery’s walls was covered with the creative output of these children. As the morning wore on, the little artists started arriving. Gleefully they pointed out their pieces, posed for pictures and ate cookies. We all had a wonderful time!


This is the 4th year that I’ve stopped by to view Leslie’s exhibit. Each year she has something new up her sleeve. This year was the inclusion of 3d glasses! Wow what a trip to look at the artwork through these lenses. The children also got a kick out how this added another “dimension” to their work.


 exhibit with 3D glasses

Can’t wait to see next year’s exhibit. I’m sure it will be just as enchanting as this one! So stop by the “Art Cave” and get immersed in some uninhibited, colorful, delightful artworks.

Here are 2 of the artists with their artwork:



Allyssa's Drawing

Alyssa’s Drawing


Leslie Jenkins and Brandon













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