Impressionistic oil painter, Cynthia Dawley returns to the Les Malamut Art Gallery

“Impressionistic Works of C.A. Dawley”, is a triumphant return to our Gallery. In 1992 Cynthia had an exhibit here, selling one of her paintings to the Designers Gallery in Clark, NJ. They were then to became a very integral part of her professional success over the years. Her works have also been used on the corporate level by such companies as Cartier jewelers, Colavita, and the HBO series The Sopranos.

Pink Waterlilies

Pink Waterlilies

As an American Impressionist artist, Dawley masterfully uses color and light to capture the essence of her subjects. Her ability to portray emotions through her artwork is a direct result of this creative use of color and light. Her paintings show a large diversity in subject matter, from the cityscapes of NYC, to the beaches of Monterey, and even the international flavors of such places as Sweden and Italy.

“My artwork is not meant to make a statement, but rather to evoke a feeling or an emotion from the viewer. It is the beauty of nature and its relationship with mankind that inspires me.”

Don’t miss a chance to meet and talk to this fabulous painter on August 4 at 6PM


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