From Crisis to Creativity

What happens when you combine a global financial crisis with a personal mid-life crisis? Here is what Peter Alessandria says, whose “Life Through My Lens” photographs are currently on exhibit at the Les Malamut Art Gallery:

“In 2004, I picked up a real camera for the first time. It was a professional model the kind with interchangeable lenses and an optical viewfinder you could see through. Suddenly, all I wanted to do was take pictures. In the first two years I fired off over 200,000 shots. And when I wasn’t taking pictures, I was on the Internet communicating with other people about taking pictures. I was in my 40’s and had finally found my passion.”

“2008 was the year the Financial Crisis hit. I had been working as an entertainment attorney in Los Angeles for nearly twenty years. I didn’t love what I was doing but the money was good. As a result of the global financial meltdown however, I lost 100% of my business. Instead of wallowing in despair (OK – there were a few moments of wallowing), I decided to take a chance and turn my love ofphotography into a full-time job.”

“It was only by losing my law business and being confronted with what to do next that I decided to do what I love. It was a huge risk, YET I HAVEN’T LOOKED BACK.That’s not to say it’s been easy. I have often doubted my decision (whilesupportive, I am sure most of my family & friends think I am crazy for leaving thelaw behind). And it turns out there’s a lot more to running a successful businessthan passion and creativity. But now I love what I do and could never imaginegoing back to doing anything that doesn’t arouse passion, creativityand joy in me. I hope my story inspires others to follow their dreams and to live a passion-filled life.”

Thus Peter turned a crisis into an opportunity to release his inner creativity, and is the happier for following that fork in the road! His work can also be seen at: