Meet the Artists – Nancy Ori

With this posting we end our look at artist statements. Writing an artist statement is not a one-time exercise. Yes, an artist should have one that speaks to the body of work in general, but for each exhibit, a specific artist statement must be crafted. It needs to be addressed to the theme of the exhibit and to the work(s) submitted.

What stands out in the copy from these 6 artists is the clarity in which they expressed the ideas behind their works, tying it into the exhibit’s theme. Some talked a bit about their background, some about the works themselves, all discussed how the theme influenced the creation and/or selection of their specific pieces.

However, an artist statement need not explain the works, but what it says should be intelligent enough for the reader, who then views the artwork, to get to know the artist and her/his creative inclinations. And yes, there is room for writing one that is either funny or a rant on something. But, it too, must be clearly written with an end in mind. Some of my favorite statements had me laughing as I viewed the artist’s pieces, others added a thoughtful dimension to the theme. It’s the ones that sound like an alien from another planet wrote it, leaving me scratching my head, that not a good statement makes!

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Meet the Artists – Paul XO Pinkerman

Throughout the past 15 years of my artwork, I have often found myself creating work based on a sense of either nostalgia for the past or imaginings of how the past affects each of us.

In more recent years my works have focused on the point where identity and impermanence come together. Looking back over these memory based art works, I see that they, too, are about identity. How our past, how our memories of things mitigate and modify our experiences and choices, this over time, is what becomes our identity. Who we are is an almost an alchemical brew of things partly based on the actual and partly based on the vagueness of the remembered. I hope these works will give you pause to consider this in your own lives.

PXOPinkman  Auschwitz of  memory

PXOPinkman Auschwitz of memory