Union’s Youngest Artists Once Again Create An “Art Cave”


On Sat May 10 I stepped into a world of wonder when I visited the gallery for Leslie Jenkins’ reception for the “Union’s Youngest Artists” exhibit. Every square inch of the gallery’s walls was covered with the creative output of these children. As the morning wore on, the little artists started arriving. Gleefully they pointed out their pieces, posed for pictures and ate cookies. We all had a wonderful time!

Leslie Jenkins

Leslie Jenkins

Can’t wait to see next year’s exhibit. I’m sure it will be just as enchanting as this one! So stop by the “Art Cave” and get immersed in some uninhibited, colorful, delightful artworks.

the -four-artists

Michael Navoa, Reiley Halal, Oko Loko, Calie Sotterlin

Meet Leslie Jenkins and the young artists this week

Our current exhibit features artworks produced by students attending Hannah Caldwell, and Livingston School in Union, NJ. Their works take over the gallery, it becomes more like an installation than an exhibit! Walk into the gallery and every inch of space is covered by the colorful paintings, drawings, and collages of these students. From the quality and quantity of the artworks, you are very aware of Leslie Jenkins’ love of teaching art to children. In this day when school budgets are so ready to cut the arts to save a penny, it’s nice to see these children given the opportunity to be actively engaged in the visual arts at these schools.

On Sat May 2 from 12:00pm – 2:00pm stop down and see for yourself the children’s wonderful creative works. Meet Leslie Jenkins and let her take you on a tour of a room full of delight. It will also be an opportunity to meet “Union’s Youngest Artists”!