“Dance me, dance me to the end of love…”


Barbara Wirkus is an artist of many talents. We are honored to have her solo exhibit depicting the topic of dance. For centuries dance and its participants have been the muses for artists of all media. As we all know, greats like the painter Degas, loved to capture the color and motion of dancers.

Here is what Barbara has to say about dance and her exhibit:

“Dance! The word itself suggests movement and motion. Add music and the concept is complete.

When I was a child, I suffered from flat feet and had to forgo dance lessons. How I envied my little friends with their tap shoes and tutus! Fast forward 50 years to when my son was dating a young woman who taught dance. My feet having improved, I confided to her that I had always wanted to tap dance. Soon I had a pair of tap shoes and she began teaching me. I was ecstatic! Later, I enrolled at a dance studio and participated in recitals complete with colorful costumes. It didn’t matter that I was a mother with grown sons. Twenty-five years later, I am still tapping with Miss Kara at Beyond Dance, albeit much slower!

Eventually, I combined my love of dance with my other obsession, photography. I would take my film camera to the recital dress rehearsals and capture images of the young dancers as they waited backstage to perform. They called me the “Camera Lady” and I had to persuade them not to pose as I wanted “candid portraits”. These photographs are the result. Take a look and enjoy their innocent faces and smiles. A welcome respite, I hope, from the turmoil of today’s too fast paced world.

As for me, in the immortal words of songwriter Leonard Cohen, “Dance me, dance me to the end of love…”


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