It Runs In the Family


Lucie Maragni states: “I have been an artist for over 40 years. As long as I can remember, I have always had a passion to create art. I have exhibited my work from New Jersey, New York, Washington DC, to Atlanta, Ga. Primarily, I create paintings or sculptures. My paintings are usually representational, boarding on semi impressionist or realistic work. My sculptures are more abstract. Art is the joy of my life. I hope the viewers will feel this and also that they will understand how this creative streak is passed on to the next generation.”

Michael Maragni

“This creative trait in the Maragni family is now exemplified by my nephew, Michael Maragni. He also has a love for the visual arts. Throughout his school years, he immersed himself in drawings and watercolors. His portfolio was exceptional – so much so that he was accepted into the renowned art school of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn of which I am an alumna. Michael intends on going into the digital field, for which he is now majoring in animation. This is something I think is a natural progression for him in the visual arts.

I hope viewers will come to realize that this show is an example of two generations which have united to celebrate the passion and beauty of visual art. Please enjoy!!”


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