It takes trust to share ones art


“Weaving #2”, 2007, Copper, fiber

Here is what Doris says about the inspiration for this exhibit: “There is that experience that is like connective tissue and shared by all who are human, nothing exclusive by any means.  When someone unabashedly trusted and very highly thought of (maybe for a long period of time) does that unthinkable thing, whatever ‘that’ may be, it causes an almost irrevocable obliteration of a valued friendship.

Trust is the very bedrock of all our relationships and shapes how we see ourselves; we stand on it, build on it with such attentiveness.  So when the foundation of trust is shaken or taken away and the jolt of it seems too much to handle, just hold on, time and experience teach it is okay to trust again and again.

This work is a commentary on trust: trust of self, trust in others, trust in what can’t be seen or felt or easily explained away and even trust in the phenomena of daily life sometimes overlooked and perhaps taken for granted.  Art is an incredible conduit of expression of thoughts and ideas that are universal to us all.  It communicates these ideas in ways that can be amazingly clear or masked and only deciphered through the creative powers of the subconscious. It takes an incredible amount of trust and faith to create from the soul and then become vulnerable by sharing it.

Meet Doris on Tues July 12, 2016 from 5 – 8 pm


“Uncommon Threads #2”, 2007, copper


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