On Being An Artist

Here is what Charles states about being an artist:

“I believe all artistic creation begins with inspiration on the conscious or subconscious or supernatural or spiritual level, and takes concrete shape and form through focused thought and action. This way of ‘seeing’ with the mind, consciously and unconsciously, is the beginning of the artist’s unique voice that yearns to be expressed outwardly. From this intangible but real world the visual artist uses line, color, shape, form, texture, symbol, sound, light and dark, words, and other elements of his own artistic vocabulary, usually guided by certain principles of design, to give order and meaning to what is revealed, imagined, felt, observed, and experienced. But, the artist must be true to the voice that distinguishes him or her from others.


For me, the lives of ordinary people, historical events, social and cultural issues, and Biblical themes are important sources of creation. Is there a message in my work? Yes. Life has purpose and meaning given by the Creator, God, I believe, so my art expresses different aspects of that intention. The observer must critically look, think, and discover obvious and hidden truths in my work.”


Meet Charles on November 3, 2016 5-8pm

Striking a Chord

It was a joy to talk with Don during the reception and learn about these guitars. Both the mayor and the library director stopped by to view the exhibit and have their pictures taken.

Karen O'Malley Leslie Jenkins Manuel Figueiredo Donald David

Karen O’Malley Leslie Jenkins Manuel Figueiredo Donald David

One of Les Malamut Art Gallery’s board members and founders, Shirley Malamut Judd also dropped by.

Sal Soma Don David Shirley Malamut Judd

Guitarist Sal Soma entertained us by playing classics such as “The House of the Rising Sun”


This exhibit is presented in honor of the late Bernard “Bernie” Brausewetter, whose virtuosic guitar playing was well known throughout the tri-state area, individually and with his group the “Stingers.” Bernie passed on April 15th 2007.

Don says, “While taking a guitar lesson in Bernie’s well known and famous “Basement” I proposed a project that many including myself considered quite ambitious. Paint twelve original works in oil of Bernie’s vintage “Fender” collection. Then, try and garner enough interest to have a joint Music/Art event somewhere in NYC. It would be great fun and perhaps with some luck push our endeavors forward.

under water esquire in shell pink

under water esquire in shell pink

However, much time has passed, and the opportunity has arrived to view the ‘Guitar Series,’ and, to acknowledge Bernie not only as a great player but one of the sweetest people you could ever come in contact with. He was always willing to play a charity event or help anyone who needed a helping hand.”

surfer girl

surfer girl

Yes, his music will play on in the visual representations of those guitars.

dad's flag

dad’s flag