Metamorphosis, Journey to the Universe

we are one with the universe

we are one with the universe

In discussing his work, David believes that colors should resonate in the mind. The concepts of time, space and the origin of the elements should provide an intellectual framework for the viewer upon which profound and difficult ideas can be explored. These ideas touch on philosophy, spirituality, and the nature of time, space and consciousness. He feels that a painting is like a song and he wants his colors to sing together because colors do not work in isolation but in harmony.

the cosmos within

the cosmos within

Of his Metamorphosis series, which is on view in the exhibit, he says, “The series reflects on the sacred divine connection between God and mankind. It is an acknowledging through my art that I am living out my spiritual purpose and progression towards my destiny God ordained for me when he created me. Every painting I create, from beginning to end, is a plan of God and for His glorification. When I paint the universe inside the man or woman, I am showing that mankind is the microcosm of the Macrocosm. My paintings are designed to illustrate that God created us and the Cosmos to express his purpose in material reality. I hope to continually evolve through my calling as an artist to illustrate man’s higher consciousness and his connection to the Unverse.”

doradus nebula

doradus nebula


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