New Art Group 2015

Shadows and Memories 

Through April 24, 2015

All art is a memory. It stands on its own both as a finished new object and as a manifestation of the memory of its coming to fruition through the hand of the artist. Shadows can also be memories, or they can simply be shadows or shadings of color to set off the highlights and give depth to an image.

Jane Caminos-Missing Jack

Jane Caminos-Missing Jack

Jane Caminos explores the themes that penetrate the lives of women in a way we can almost not fathom and helps us realize that violence against women doesn’t discriminate.

PXOPinkman  Auschwitz of  memory

PXOPinkman Auschwitz of memory

Mr. Pinkman’s monotype, Auschwitz of Memory, is a glimpse at a soul that is left behind after great atrocity.

Heidi Sussman presents ideas in her work about the concept of time and whether time actually exists. Is it possible to see the invisible line separating now and then?

Francesca Azzara – The Unseen


Hurricane Sandy left an indelible impression on Francesca Azzara, whose work brings to the surface the loss and anxiety it represented for so many and one we will not soon forget.

Susan Ahlstrom-Nut

Susan Ahlstrom-Nut

Susan Ahlstrom’s paintings and mixed media works are about memories of places and important times.

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