Sharon Curia

“Close to Home”

July 6 – Sept 30, 2015


Sharon has been a professional photographer for over 17 years, photographing weddings and events in NJ at hundreds of locations. She also loves photographing personal projects and exploring new places and things to shoot. Featured in this exhibit is her personal work capturing the beauty of Nomahegan Park and Echo Lake Park in Union County, along with scenes from her hometown of Roselle Park, and the Bronx Zoo!

Sharon’s specialty is wedding photography and she loves the high pressure and its rush of adrenaline. The job is hard and hectic but she thrives on that. However, her personal projects give her the opportunity to capture subjects in a less stressful environment, simply for the joy of their beauty.

Sharon started out professionally using medium format and 35mm film cameras eventually going digital in 2005. She prefers Nikon full frame DSLR’s and Olympus 4/3 Digital Mirrorless cameras. Every image featured is a digital image she captured using a Nikon or Olympus camera.

branchesVisit Sharon’s website or contact her at


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