Retro show 2015

Retro” Exhibit

Through Oct 31, 2015

Leona Seufert - Our Ancestors Would Be Proud

Leona Seufert – Our Ancestors Would Be Proud

A group exhibit of fine art of various media in which each of the participants had exhibited at the Gallery in the past.

Kerri Ann Wandlass-Weekend Away-acrylic on board

Kerri Ann Wandlass-Weekend Away-acrylic on board

The 14 artists are: Michal Barkai, Heather Cajamarca, David Cubie, Sherman Feller, Dominick Ioele, Walt Jarko, Miriam Jarney, Wolf Kretlow, Mansa Mussa, Leona Seufert, Diana Taliaferro, Ben Venezio, Kerrie Wandlass, and Barbara Wirkus.

Dom Iole-Nebula

Dom Iole-Nebula

You can view, in our archives, the past shows of the following artists, click on their name:

David Cubie, 2014 abstract painting

Sherman Feller, 2014 photography

Wolf Kretlow, 2014 photography

Mansa Mussa, 2012 Collages, Paintings and Photographs

Leona Seufert, 2014 Digital montages

Ben Venezio, 2013 photography

Kerrie Wandlass, 2011 Impressionistic paintings. She works in acrylic, oil and computer graphics

Not in our archives (they exhibited when we had our previous website):

Dominick Ioele, 2008 photography Enjoys sculpting, so one evening when it was too cold and too dark to shoot outside, he began playing around with some ice, hot water, food coloring and an all-purpose lighter. The photographs in this 2008 exhibit were the results of these experiments and one of those Ice photos was published in the June 2008 issue of Popular Photography magazine. His current works are pure abstraction. visit

Walt Jarko, 2010 photography The photographs in the 2010 exhibit were from a trip to Flitner Ranch in Shell, Wyoming where he captured the American Cowboy circa 21st century and has has published a book of his wild west photographs.

Miriam Jarney, 2010 digital photography

Barbara Wirkus, Photographer and curator for the Les Malamut Art Gallery

Heather Cajamarca, 2012 photography