Painting, Drawing, Photography

Dawn works in several different mediums including painting, drawing, construction, and photography. Three of the four mediums are represented in this show. Her drawings are all self-portraits about identity and the struggle to feel comfortable in ones own skin. Currently, she is working in Conte Crayons with Strathmore 400 series drawing paper.


Dawn’s photography, on the other hand, is the most fun and spontaneous form of expression that she chooses to use. Each image is something that she had the pleasure of stumbling upon, exploring, and then shooting up close in natural lighting. Presently, she photographs using a Pentax K-X digital SLR camera.
Conversely, the paintings are very personal pieces. These works tend to deal with relationships ranging from crushes, falling in love, to break-ups, while others are about loneliness, longing, and changes in life. Dawn paints with acrylic paint and the majority of her work is done on plexiglass or clayboard.

She has exhibited at the Ceres Gallery New York, the Barron Arts Center NJ, The Arts Guild, Rahway, NJ the Watchung Arts Center, Watchung, NJ and Gallery U, Red Bank NJ. You can reach her at www.dawngilmore.com info@dawngilmore.com

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