Rosanne Potter – Four Walls of Abstraction

“Four Walls of Abstraction” 
Abstracts by Rosanne Potter
June 4 – July 31, 2012


The show is arranged along the four walls of the gallery to demonstrate four phases of this multifaceted painter.  Each wall represents a different aspect of Potter’s work, revealing different styles and different palettes.  This artist rarely represents the real world in her paintings, but instead combines colors and shapes to create responses in the minds of contemplative viewers. 


The show moves viewers from the simplest stripes and squares of adjoining colors, through dynamic shapes segmented into blocks of pure color, to images floating on a simple horizontal, and finally, to a dynamic world of dreamscapes and metaphors.
Phosphorescence After a Storm

As a young woman, Potter studied with the American Expressionist Clarence Giese in Vienna while on a Junior Year abroad from Rosemont College.  She went on to earn a Ph. D. in English Literature at the University of Texas, at Austin (1975), and taught at the University of Texas at Austin and Iowa State University (1974/1998). In 2005, she published a book of poems Key West, Transit of Venus, illustrated by images of her early paintings. Since 2001, Potter has participated in a small workshop with Joachim Loeber, known as the “last living German Expressionist.”  Loeber, now 91, taught for many years in Westfield, Potter’s hometown, and now teaches in Key West, Potter’s winter home.  Through Loeber, Potter connects back to Munch, Der Blaue Reiter painters Marc and Jawlensky, and the Bauhaus painters Klee and Kandinski.

                                                 Strutting His Stuff

Rosanne, as she signs her work, is a highly inventive painter who has tried a number of styles, and has very broad palette: the greens of the ocean, the colors of the Key West skies (shades of blue and of orange) dominate.  Her dreamscape wall contains work done under New Jersey skies as well – some of her largest works, “Totem,” “Jester,” and “Inspired by Schiele” were painted for the walls of her Westfield home.  Come take a journey through colors and shapes, as clear as Chagall’s and as energetic as Frankenthaler’s.

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