Meet the photographer

parkSharon says, “My love of photography began when I received my first camera for my birthday at age 10. It was a 110 film instamatic, with the 10 flash cube sticks. I was intrigued at the ability to capture scenes and moments.

In my teen years, I was always the high schooler with the camera, taking pictures of all the kids hanging out at school or at parties. After I got my first job when I was 15, I immediately bought a Canon point and shoot camera. But as an adult, I went to work for a bank not realizing I was destined for photography.

After I had my son in my mid-twenties I did not want to return to a conventional workplace and schedule. I said goodbye to my old 9-5 job and began a new life assisting photographers at a big wedding studio on weekends. Now I am an experienced professional wedding photographer, thriving on the unique challenges of this type of photography.”

deerThe photographs in this exhibit reflect her love of photography and subject matter and range from bugs, to snow scenes, to animals. Stop down and enjoy Sharon’s subjects “Close to Home”.

Enter Leona’s Weird Digital World!

You have to see these photographs to believe it. 15 were not touched by any form of digital manipulation (except cropping and light/dark enhancement). Then she rolled up her sleeves, and got creative, altering each by a different method.

Reaching Out From the Other Side

Reaching Out From the Other Side

Talking about the first series, which she did in 2013, “My first series of reflections photographs were unaltered images. Inspired by this serendipity, I then started to not only to look for these happenings, but to actually create them using only the camera’s viewfinder. Gallery exhibits netted a wide range of images as the reflective glass and lights on the hung artwork played all kinds of tricks depending upon the viewing angle. Many of these photographs were ‘staged’ compositions resulting in spectacular eerie effects.”

The Cosmic Fashionistas Arrive

The Cosmic Fashionistas Arrive

For this series she pulls out all the stops: “I had two goals as I worked on this series: Have fun, and try to relate the second image to the first. Some make a statement on the original, others take it and distort it so that it becomes an abstraction, while others were created to elicit a laugh.”

On Tues June 10 you’ll have a chance to meet her and as you view each image ask “How did you do that?”!

Behind the Lens

A Closer Look at Rosemarie Hampp’s Photography

The pictures you see on this website do not do justice to the photographs hanging on the gallery wall! They are an amazing collection of images capturing the destruction and sadness that resulted from Superstorm Sandy’s powerful visit to our shore. But in their composition and color they also capture a beauty that made this viewer gasp and upon seeing certain familiar places, cry.


North End Pavilion – Spring Lake NJ

Rosemarie achieved these spectacular results through the use of two photographic techniques: HDR and printing on metallic paper.

She uses a Canon EOS 60D 18 megapixel digital SLR camera and post-processes the images using Photoshop and at times other photography software to create HDR images.

High Dynamic Range is a digital photography technique whereby multiple exposures of the same scene are layered and merged using image editing software to create a more realistic image or dramatic effect. The combined exposures can display a wider range of tonal values that what the digital camera is capable of recording in a single image.(

Here is what she says about HDR, “In my opinion the real purpose of HDR photography is to produce a photo, the quality of which is higher than that of a normal photo, not some overdone unnatural or surreal looking image.”


Debris Piled High – Seaside Heights NJ

The images, printed on professional quality metallic paper, have a glossy iridescent finish with a rich metallic appearance that catches the eye. The colors are rich and vibrant with enhanced depth and magnificent detail.


Peeled Away – Ocean Grove NJ


Push Over – Sea Bright NJ

These photos capture something else that most of the newspaper and magazine photos haven’t: The soul of the photographer. For Rosemarie most of these shore places are special to her, and it shows in her work!

Spotlight on Ben Venezio

Ben’s work is very inspiring to anyone who holds a camera! He is passionate about his work and willing to discuss his techniques. His awards, winning top image in the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs 12 times and being past president of the Cranford/Milburn Camera Club and later President of the Camera Naturalist Club in Basking Ridge, speaks to his dedicated professionalism. He has also judged numerous photography contests over the years including such clubs as the Monmouth County Camera Club, and the Staten Island Camera Club. He has also taught classes for Essex County Nature Photographers.

On March 6th I had the opportunity to meet him at an intimate reception in our gallery. He talked with us about the topics that inspire his photographs, how he takes them, and that what you see is what was there, no Photoshop “tricks” used! It was only till a few years back that he was convinced to go digital, and I must say they are just a stunning as the printed from film ones.

So stop down and see the exhibit during the month of April. You’ll be delighted.

  Painting With Words” – Leona M Seufert

Here a few more images of the photographs in the exhibit.  

balance-rock-moon monument-valley the-secret-garden