Meet the Artists – Paul XO Pinkerman

Throughout the past 15 years of my artwork, I have often found myself creating work based on a sense of either nostalgia for the past or imaginings of how the past affects each of us.

In more recent years my works have focused on the point where identity and impermanence come together. Looking back over these memory based art works, I see that they, too, are about identity. How our past, how our memories of things mitigate and modify our experiences and choices, this over time, is what becomes our identity. Who we are is an almost an alchemical brew of things partly based on the actual and partly based on the vagueness of the remembered. I hope these works will give you pause to consider this in your own lives.

PXOPinkman  Auschwitz of  memory

PXOPinkman Auschwitz of memory

All Art Is A Memory


Nancy Ori – Johl House Living Room


Heidi -Sussman-Dream Wagon

Heidi -Sussman-Dream Wagon

Each exhibit the NEW ART GROUP puts up is designed to elicit a variety of responses from the audience. With a title like Shadows and Memories, you can be sure the works in this show follow that same path. In some way, all art is a memory. Shadows can also be memories, or they can simply be shadows or shadings of color to set off the highlights and give depth to an image. The exhibit also offers exploration into how shadows and shades, along with real and imagined memories, can create new stories or narratives that give us a view we didn’t expect to see.