Meet the photographer

parkSharon says, “My love of photography began when I received my first camera for my birthday at age 10. It was a 110 film instamatic, with the 10 flash cube sticks. I was intrigued at the ability to capture scenes and moments.

In my teen years, I was always the high schooler with the camera, taking pictures of all the kids hanging out at school or at parties. After I got my first job when I was 15, I immediately bought a Canon point and shoot camera. But as an adult, I went to work for a bank not realizing I was destined for photography.

After I had my son in my mid-twenties I did not want to return to a conventional workplace and schedule. I said goodbye to my old 9-5 job and began a new life assisting photographers at a big wedding studio on weekends. Now I am an experienced professional wedding photographer, thriving on the unique challenges of this type of photography.”

deerThe photographs in this exhibit reflect her love of photography and subject matter and range from bugs, to snow scenes, to animals. Stop down and enjoy Sharon’s subjects “Close to Home”.